I was hired in April 2015 as the sole iOS Developer to take ownership of the iOS side of the app, which was then called Spleat. We took Spleat through a major redesign and overhaul and eventually it was re-released as CAKE. CAKE evolved very fast during my time there and when I left it was jam packed with useful features and sported a slick and intuitive UI across the app.

I implemented a full UI test suite that was able to emulate a CAKE user opening a tab and making payments in our test environment. I setup a Jenkins CI server on a local machine that listened for pushes to the repository and ran those UI tests automatically using Fastlane.

We had full tech team standups daily, bi-weekly sprints that ended in retrospectives and began with collaborative team sprint planning sessions, and we all worked closely with the business side to ensure new work specifications were completed properly prior to work being planned and started.

I worked on the API side of the CAKE backend too, which is a Ruby on Rails app hosted on Heroku.

CAKE is available for free on the App Store.